Hartsdale Neighbors Association (“HNA”) is a volunteer driven community based organization whose goal is to promote, advance and protect the interests of the property owners and residents across all Hartsdale neighborhoods. Our mission is to work towards protecting and enriching a quality of life that is expected, deserved and welcomed by those in our community.

Updated 10/19/2019

October Update- Lots of Events in and Around Hartsdale
3 Opportunities to meet the Candidates for Town Supervisor in Person including 10/22 HNA event at St. Pauls Church-
– Oct 21: League of Women Voters Debate, Greenburgh Public Library (300 Tarrytown Rd, Elmsford) @ 6:30pm
– Oct 22: Hartsdale Neighbors Association, St Paul’s United Methodist Church (130 N Central Ave, Hartsdale) @ 7pm
– Oct 28: Candidates Forum, Theodore D. Young Community Center (32 Manhattan Ave, White Plains) @ 7pm

Halloween Window Painting- Saturday 10/26(Rain date Sun) from 9:00am-12:00pm in Hartsdale near the Train Station.  Presented by Kiwanis of Hartsdale and Greenburgh Parks and Recreation- Fun Even for kids 5-12.  Click here for more information.
Current Initiatives:
  • Greenburgh Local Elections- 6/25 Democratic Primary- Contested Election
    • Election Results- On June 25th the Democratic Party Primary election was held and featured contested races for Greenburgh Town Council, Town Clerk and Westchester County Judge. In Greenburgh, Councilman Ken Jones and Gina Jackson were elected over challenger Eric Zinger and incumbent Judith Beville prevailed over challenger Maria Portilla. Melissa Loehr and Robert Prisco were elected as Westchester County Judges. November 5th will be the general election when current Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner will be challenged by newcomer Lucas Cioffi who is running as an independent. To vote in that election you must register by Oct 11th.
    • Upcoming election- On November 5th, Independent challenger Lucas Cioffi (http://www.greenburgh.us/) is running against Democratic Incumbent Paul Feiner ( https://www.paulfeiner.com/)
      • This is the first election that will have early voting for NY.  More info on this to come and also check out  Westchester County Board of Elections Website: https://citizenparticipation.westchestergov.com/voting
  • Odell House- At a ceremony on July 10th the Town signed a contract with the NY Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution to take ownership of the historic Odell House at 425 Ridge Rd. Title should pass within the next few weeks.The event was moderated by Susan Seal who is forming a non-profit to assist the Town with fund raising and restoration of the property. Her group, the Friends of Odell House Rochambeau Headquarters, can be reached at odellrochambeau@gmail.com. It is actively seeking members to help in all aspects of the restoration and news updates will be sent out soon.On July 26th, the Town will submit an application to NY State for a $1.2mm matching grant to do the work. The Town, with the help of the Friends, must contribute half of that amount through other grants, donations and volunteer workers. The work will take a few years but will be completed long before the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution beginning in 2025. Odell House is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a treasure for Greenburgh and for the country!
  • Four Corners Revitalization- Updated 5/6

    • On 3/27 there was a Public Hearing at Town Hall to consider the  Draft Hartsdale Four Corners Study.  7:30pm.  Rest assured, none of this would be happening without your support.  HNA thanks all those who have contributed towards this important process.
    • HNA is very pleased that the Town Board is holding this hearing and continuing progress on the Four Corners vision. HNA particularly appreciates the participation of Town Commissioner for Community Development and Conservation, Garrett Duquesne.HNA representatives will offer the following comments at the hearing:
      • Changing the name of the report being considered from “Study” to “Plan” or “Vision.”
      • Changing the Study’s Policy to remove the word “(rental)” which, as presently contained in the study, could be interpreted as narrowly restrictive, is very possibly illegal, and, therefore, could potentially hinder future development.
      • Requesting that the Town Board be willing to allocate funding for the necessary studies in the event state grants are not obtained.
    • The 2019 preliminary budget originally included only $50k for 4 Corners traffic, storm water, and planning studies. After HNA representatives made the case to the town this amount was woefully insufficient, that amount was increased to $150k. A huge win for Hartsdale and the HNA. Thank you to all those who joined us in speaking out about the need for additional funding.
    • You can download a copy of the Draft Study here.  Let us know what you think!
    • Further details and the ability to join the conversation are on the dedicated Four Corners page. If you have not already signed the petition make sure to do so at the above link.
  • Edgemont Incorporation Update- On 5/28/2019, residents from Edgemont submitted their second petition for Incorporation to become Greenburgh’s 7th village. Tuesday evening 7/16 at 7:30pm at Greenburgh Town Hall there will be a public hearing on the legal sufficiency of the petition. The purpose of the hearing is to comply with the section of New York State law 2-206(1) that requires a hearing to “ hear objections” as to the legal sufficiency of the petition. If the Town Supervisor finds the petition legally sufficient, a referendum will be held in Edgemont within 40 days of the decision. If Supervisor Feiner finds the petition not to be legally sufficient, we expect the EIC will file a legal challenge. It is expected that Supervisor Feiner will wait before issuing his decision.You can download a copy of the petition at the link below and if you have any questions please email us at info@hartsdaleneighbors.org.
  • Proposed Assisted Living Facility at Maplewood Swim and Tennis on W. Hartsdale Avenue- We are in the very early stages of this process but per Supervisor Feiner “It is my policy to notify neighbors and the community of proposed developments. The Town recently received a special permit application for a new 115-unit Assisted Living Facility at 202 West Hartsdale Avenue, P.O. Hartsdale. The proposal involves the redevelopment of the site, which exists as a former swim club, to an Assisted Facility use. The project requires the following land-use board approvals: special permit (Town Board), site plan (Town Board, with referral to the Planning Board), steep slope permit (Planning Board), and area variances (Zoning Board of Appeals). The applicant previously appeared before the Town Board at a work session on November 13, 2018, which can be viewed here: http://greenburghny.swagit.com/play/11132018-733
    • Some of the concerns raised by Town Board members at that time included pedestrian connectivity (the need for a sidewalk on West Hartsdale Ave to Central Ave), the need for an affordability component, general traffic concerns, and questions regarding the view of the proposed building from surrounding areas.  If you have questions or want to be involved email info@hartsdaleneighbors.org.
  • Elmwood Country Club Property Development
    • Ridgewood Realty, the private developer who purchased the Elmwood property with an eye to redevelop it into an Active 55+ Townhome community recently met with the Planning Board. This was despite the fact, that just like 4C, the Town Board has not moved to act on this proposal.  Click here to read the Letter to the Editor in the Scarsdale Inquirer by HNA President Eric Zinger on this subject.  We believe whether you are for or against the requesting PUD and zoning change, the Town Board should take a position and provide clarity.
    • The developer has submitted their plans to the town and met with the Town Planning Board informally in August.  It is now pending action from the Town Board to move forward in the process.
    • The former Elmwood Country Club has been sold to private real estate developers who are looking to develop the property. The property is currently zoned R-30 which allows for a variety of uses but is most often associated with single family detached homes. The developers have an as-of right to develop the property in this manner if they wish.
    • The developer Ridgewood Real Estate Partners would like to see the property rezoned to allow them to build an “Active 55+ Adult community” with townhouses.  This would allow them to build a higher density community and increase the number of units on the property. There are many issues at stake here including density, traffic, impact to Greenburgh schools, taxes (single family homes are taxed much higher then condos & townhouses), parkland, and more. It is also important to note that any zoning changes could lay the groundwork for similar projects in the future.
    • Click here to see the town work session with the developers.

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