Hartsdale Neighbors Association (“HNA”) is a volunteer driven community based organization whose goal is to promote, advance and protect the interests of the property owners and residents across all Hartsdale neighborhoods. Our mission is to work towards protecting and enriching a quality of life that is expected, deserved and welcomed by those in our community.

Updated 9/18/2018

Announcing a special meeting for Greenburgh residents with County Executive George Latimer, hosted by the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations (of which HNA is a member) Sept. 24, 7-9pm, Greenburgh Town Hall.






Monday, September 24, 2018
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Greenburgh Town Hall
(177 Hillside Avenue)

sponsored by The Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations


  • GCSD Open Board Seat– “The Board of Education of the Greenburgh Central School District announces a vacancy due to the recent resignation of Claudia Glaser. Ms. Glaser was first elected to the Board of Education for the 2011-12 school year and was serving her third term when she submitted her resignation effective September 4, 2018. The Board thanks Ms. Glaser for her years of service and wishes her and her family well in their new endeavors.

The Greenburgh Central School District Board of Education is seeking to fill a Board of Ed vacancy immediately.  The vacancy will be filled by School Board appointment, with the appointed individual holding the seat until the School Board election on May 21, 2019 (at which time someone will be elected to fill the seat for the remainder of the term). The Board of Education is seeking letters from residents interested in filling the opening.  Those interested in serving on the School Board are asked to submit the application, resume and any other information you would like the Board to consider to Ivy Kraus, District Clerk, Greenburgh Central School District, 475 W. Hartsdale Avenue, Hartsdale, NY 10530 or via email to ikraus@greenburghcsd.org by 3:00pm 9/21/2018.

The vacancy announcement and application form are available on the district website: https://www.greenburghcsd.org/

  • Four Corners Revitalization-  HNA leadership has been meeting and speaking with Town Board Members in an effort to push forward the 4 Corners Redevelopment plan.  We were originally told by Supervisor Feiner to expect this to be on the Town Agenda to be referred to the Planning Board in September.  He is now saying there will be additional delays because of opposition from certain Town Board members.  Unfortunately, there are now two more empty storefronts as both the Chase Bank and Ninjaya market have closed recently.

We believe at this point, we are long past the time for action by the town board.  We believe the opportunity to rezone and revitalize the Four Corners intersection in Hartsdale is a unique          opportunity for the town to reinvigorate the area.  With the Trump Tax plan, pending Edgemont Incorporation and ever rising taxes, Hartsdale residents need tax relief now!

There is currently a Town Board Work Session for 9/25(Time TBD) scheduled to discuss the proposal.  We urge you to email the Town Board at TownBoard@greenburghny.com and tell them  that you want action on 4C.

  • Elmwood Country Club Property Development- Ridgewood Realty, the private developer who purchased the Elmwood property with an eye to redevelop it into an Active 55+ Townhome community recently met with the Planning Board. This was despite the fact, that just like 4C, the Town Board has not moved to act on this proposal.  Click here to read the Letter to the Editor in the Scarsdale Inquirer by HNA President Eric Zinger on this subject.  We believe whether you are for or against the requesting PUD and zoning change, the Town Board should act.
  • Edgemont– As you all know, we at Hartsdale Neighbors have been actively following the Edgemont Incorporation Saga.  The hearing for the towns appeal of New York State Judge Cacace decision that the incorporation petition was legally valid was held on June 14th at 10:00am, in Brooklyn.  The hearing can be viewed online here, approximately 43 minutes into the video.  Decisions for Appellate Division, Second Department court are usually made within 4-6 weeks of oral arguments.  That means we should be hearing the results shortly.

Current Initiatives:Updated 9/09/2018

  • Four Corners Revitalization-

    • There is currently a Town Board Work Session for 9/25(Time TBD) scheduled to discuss the proposal. You can watch online at greenburghny.com
    • The town board passed a resolution on 5/23 in support of a grant application associated with the Four Corners Study area.  A link to the resolution can be found here and more information about the grant being applied for can be found here.
    • On 4/10, Inspired Places presented its vision for revitalizing the 4Corners intersection in Hartsdale. This presentation was given to the Town Board during a Town Work Session from at Town Hall with the town board and several current and former members of the planning board in attendance.  Over 50 members of the public also attended the work session and at the end of the session Supervisor Feiner asked if it was possible for a written supplement to the Comprehensive Plane to be given to them within a few weeks.  The Board appeared to be hoping to move forward with public hearings as soon as possible.  This was the first important step in asking the Town to adopt a supplement to the comprehensive plan that would include the zoning changes required for revitalization. You can watch the presentation online here.
    • Further details and the ability to join the conversation are on the dedicated Four Corners page. If you have not already signed the petition make sure to do so at the above link!
  • Elmwood Country Club Property Development
    • The developer has submitted their plans to the town and met with the Town Planning Board informally in August.  It is now pending action from the Town Board to move forward in the process.
    • The former Elmwood Country Club has been sold to private real estate developers who are looking to develop the property. The property is currently zoned R-30 which allows for a variety of uses but is most often associated with single family detached homes. The developers have an as-of right to develop the property in this manner if they wish.
    • The developer Ridgewood Real Estate Partners would like to see the property rezoned to allow them to build an “Active 55+ Adult community” with townhouses.  This would allow them to build a higher density community and increase the number of units on the property. There are many issues at stake here including density, traffic, impact to Greenburgh schools, taxes (single family homes are taxed much higher then condos & townhouses), parkland, and more. It is also important to note that any zoning changes could lay the groundwork for similar projects in the future.
    • Click here to see the town work session with the developers.
  • Edgemont Incorporation- Click here to see the HNA Presentation on the potential impact of Edgemont Incorporation
    • A four-judge panel heard the Town’s appeal on June 14th at 10:00am, in Brooklyn.  If the appellate division affirms Judge Cacace’s decision, the town may seek to further appeal, but this will require permission from the Court of Appeals in Albany and the town cannot appeal on its own.  Should the town choose not to appeal, the town will have a 40-day window with which to schedule and hold the referendum.  Should the decision be affirmed, and no appeal follows, a vote would likely take place in the late summer/fall.
    • If you are new to this topic, Click here to see the HNA Presentation on the potential impact of Edgemont Incorporation on the rest of Unincorporated Greenburgh and Hartsdale.
    • Potential Edgemont Incorporation is the topic on everyone’s mind in Hartsdale and Unincorporated Greenburgh. Hartsdale Neighbors Association was first formed in response to Edgemont potentially becoming Greenburgh’s 7th Village.
    • Currently tied up in litigation, if Edgemont were to incorporate, remaining residents in Hartsdale and Fairview could be facing a combination of severe services cuts, and tax increases. The latest news update is the proposed Village Incorporation law that New York State Assemblyman Tom Abinati has proposed in the New York Legislature. This bill would give Town Supervisor’s significant ability to limit new village incorporation and give residents of the remaining areas more say in the process. See this Lohud article or more details on the proposed bill.
    • Confused about villages, towns, town outside village designations? Click here for some background on Hartsdale and the makeup of the Town of Greenburgh.
  • Greenburgh School Updates- The Hartsdale Neighbors Association May meeting featured Dr. Tahira Chase, the Superintendent of the Greenburgh Central School District.  If you did not get to attend you missed out on an engaging discussion.  Following the meeting and speaking with Dr Chase, I was asked to join the newly formed “Construction Advisory Committee” for GCSD. The goal of this committee is to provide input, advice and support to the five-year capital plan.  Our first meeting was this past week and we were privy to some exciting news.  Details are still being finalized and coordinated, but in 2018, the School District will be looking to hold a referendum on a bond to totally overhaul the existing school buildings.  This would involve a new building for a Grade 3-8 school, an expansion of Lee F. Jackson, and a total overhaul of the Woodlands building.  I believe this is an exciting opportunity for us to transform the GCSD and will be sharing more details with you as they are developed.

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