We live in a dynamic town where changes (for better or worse) happen on a regular basis. Many local institutions such as the Fire Dept, Schools, Parking and the town itself are governed by boards and committees that meet on a regular basis. Hartsdale Neighbors Association (HNA) endeavors to send representatives to all of these meetings in an attempt to stay abreast of important issues and have a say in how our local community is shaped.

The following are published meeting dates for each of the principal local authorities:

2019- Updated 5/6/2019


  • 7th- GCSD Board of Education Budget Hearing and Work Session.  6:30pm Woodlands Cafeteria.
  • 8th-Greenburgh Town Board Meeting- 7:30pm Town Hall.
  • 13th- GCSD Community Engagement Meting 7:00pm R.J. Bailey.
  • 14th- Hartsdale Fire District Board Meeting 7:30pm Fire House W. Hartsdale Avenue
  • 15th- HNA GCSD Board of Education Meet the Candidate Night- 7:30pm Highview Elementary
  • 21st- Voting day for GCSD, School Board and annual Budget.  7:00am-9:00pm at Woodlands High School
  • 22nd-Greenburgh Town Board Meeting- 7:30pm Town Hall.
  • 28th- GCSD Board of Education Meting- 7:00pm Woodlands Cafeteria


  • 11th- HNA hosts Greenburgh Elections Meet the Candidate Night- Contested Elections for Town Council and Town Clerk 7:30-9:30pm Highview Elementary.
  • 11th- Hartsdale Fire District Board Meeting 7:30pm Fire House W. Hartsdale Avenue
  • 12th-Greenburgh Town Board Meeting- 7:30pm Town Hall
  • 25th- Democratic Party Primary Election- Contested Elections for Greenburgh Town Council and Town Clerk. Check here to find out where to vote.


Note: HNA makes every attempt to keep this list up to date, but cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions as a result of schedule changes by the relevant local authority. Please consult with the local authority directly for confirmation of meeting, dates, times and locations.