4/10 Work Session- Watch online here

The Town Board work session for the Four Corners proposal had an amazing turnout on April 10th. There were close to 50 people in attendance, many of whom had signed our petition.  The support we have seen from the community has been unbelievable. Inspired Places gave a very extensive presentation outline the current situation at 4C, the current zoning, market conditions and the exciting possibilities that could occur with different zoning. At the end of the session Supervisor Feiner asked if it was possible for a written supplement to the Comprehensive Plane to be given to them within a few weeks. The Board appeared to be hoping to move forward with public hearings as soon as possible.

HNA presented the petitions in favor of the proposal to the Board. There were 578 signatures in favor!! HNA is very grateful for all the work that was done to reach this significant number and we know that the community will continue to sustain interest going forward. We will alert you to the dates for the public hearings and organize visible support at those meetings.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday May 8th at 7:30pm.  We are finalizing location for now and will send an update.  Topic will be the Greenburgh Central School District.  We are lucky enough to be joined by Superintendent Dr. Tahira Chase.  We are also planning on hearing from several nominees for school board elections which will be held the following week.  The school budget will also be voted on then so a timely topic.  We hope to see you.

Hartsdale Neighbors Association

April Update- 4 Corners and May 8th Meeting on Schools