Click here to download a copy of the latest town budget.  This includes a 2.51% increase in taxes for Hartsdale residents.

Greenburgh 2019 Budget

Town Wide or A Budget(All Villages and Unincorporated Pay)
Town Wide Expenditures jump from $18.8mm to $27mm.  
$7mm allocated for spending on a new Court House. 
$800k increase from $3.6 to $4.5mm in Employee Benefit Costs.
$10mm from Fund Balance(Aka Reserves).

TOV Budget or B Budget(Only Unincorporated Areas Pay)
Expenditures jump from $76.7mm to $81.41mm.
Expected Revenues decrease from $18.1mm to $16.3mm. Primarily reduction in expected building licenses and permits.
$2mm budgeted for "Judgement and Claims".  Same as 2018.
$3.2mm increase from $15.7mm to $18.9mm in Employee Benefit Costs.
$920k increase in appropriations for Debt Service.
$5mm of TOV Fund Balance(Aka Reserves)
$50k for Four Corners Revitalization Traffic and Flood Studies.

More detailed analysis to come.




2019 Town Budget- 2.51% Tax Increase