Sharing across the latest update, with permission from the Chief on the accident that occurred on 10/18 on Central Avenue in Hartsdale. We are keeping the injured victims in our thoughts and ask you to do the same.
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Dear Town Board;

Please be advised that the investigation into the accident is on-going. The following facts have been confirmed through the investigation:

  • The children were walking within the pedestrian crosswalk in an easterly direction towards the Sacred Heart Church / School.
  • The crosswalk was clearly marked as such, noting NYS-DOT had recently painted the crosswalk, (per Traffic & Safety Unit), including the appropriate NYS-DOT signage.   
  • The children were struck by a vehicle which was in the left lane of traffic driving southbound on Central Park Avenue as they approached the double yellow line which divides the north and south bound lanes of traffic.
  • It does not appear that the driver slowed  down or braked prior to impact.
  • The driver immediately stopped after impact.

I have assigned the Traffic & Safety Unit to photograph the scene today, noting distances where the signage for the pedestrian crosswalk becomes visible to divers both northbound and southbound on Central Park Avenue. This evening, additional photographs and observations of the vicinity in the Central Park Avenue / Lawton Avenue will be undertaken at the approximate time the accident occurred (7:48 PM),  in order to gain more perspective into the sight distance and posted pedestrian crosswalk signage.

The intersection of Central Park Avenue and Lawton Avenue has been approved by NYS-DOT for an upgrade with respect to “pedestrian activated flashing beacon lights.” The timeline on this project is unknown. This accident should be a catalyst to expedite the upgrade.

The Traffic & Safety Unit shall commence a selective enforcement operation in the vicinity of the four corners, and the East Hartsdale Avenue / Rockledge Road intersection,  as well as the Hartsdale Train Station focusing on drivers who “fail to yield to pedestrians” while  crossing the street within a pedestrian crosswalk.  This initiative  is funded by NYS Governors Traffic Safety Committee, (GTSC), and shall run during the morning and evening rush hours. I have directed the officers to issue traffic summonses for observed violations.

Please note: On Saturday, December 21, 2013, an elderly couple were struck by  motor vehicle while in the crosswalk, walking easterly on Central Park Ave. / Lawton Ave., towards the church, to attend 5:00 PM Mass at Sacred Heart Church. An Accident Investigation commenced and the driver of the vehicle was issued a summons for “ Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk.”  (Police report # 2013 – 12484).

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Chief Ryan     

Accident Update from Police Chief Ryan