April 27th 2018 Hartsdale Neighbors Association Update

Our next open meeting will be May 8th at 7:30pm at Highview Elementary at 200 N. Central Avenue (behind Webb Park) focusing on the Greenburgh Central School District (GCSD). We will be joined by GCSD Superintendent Dr. Tahira DuPree Chase and board of education candidates (for reelection) Terry Williams and Antoinette Darden-Citron. (The third candidate, Cora Carey, was invited but is not able to attend.). Please join us for an informative discussion about our school district.

The Four Corners Revitalization Committee continues to make progress. Inspired Places, LLC is scheduled to return to a working session of the Town Board soon. This will be an opportunity for the Town Board to ask follow-up questions and for both parties to start to formulate the supplement to the Comprehensive Plan. The public is welcome to attend as listeners and we will share more information on that when its available.

Greenburgh 2018 Capital Budget

The town board put out it’s capital budget.  The document is available here.  It recommends funding almost $18mm in capital projects through the town.  We think its important that people know what their tax dollars are spent on.  We encourage everyone to read it and if you have questions we are happy to try and help.

  • Hartsdale residents will note that there is $70k for installation of a sidewalk on Columbia Ave between E. Hartsdale Ave and Jane Street.
  • There is $330k for a new sanitation vehicle.  Now some of us will actually have a reason to use the new trash cans we were given.
  • The biggest source of spending is on the Water Department with $8.75mm spread across three projects.
  • It was through HNA analysis that we noticed a police item that should have been paid for out of the Town Wide budget included in the TOV budget.  That was $114k worth of spending that was moved between budgets and we are proud to have corrected this item on behalf of Hartsdale residents.

Edgemont Incorporation

  • The latest update on the Edgmont Incorporation.  The court has rejected the second Article 78 challenge to Supervisor Feiners decision to reject the Edgemont Petition.  This is a little confusing but this challenge said that while Feiner correctly rejected the petition, he should have rejected it for additional reasons not included in his decision.  This matter was dismissed by the court.  You can read the decision here.  Now all that remains is the original Article 78 lawsuit.
  • The town is currently appealing the decision of the court in the original Article 78 challenge brought by the EIC.  They challenged that Supervisor Feiner incorrectly rejected the petition.  The court agreed, and the town is currently appealing that decision.
  • If you are new to this topic, Click here to see the HNA Presentation on the potential impact of Edgemont Incorporation on the rest of Unincorporated Greenburgh and Hartsdale.
April 27th Update