What exactly are Forest Yin advertising here?

Dear Neighbors,

Please consider attending the Town Board meeting tomorrow night (Monday, November 20) to demand closure of Hartsdale’s notorious “erotic massage” spa.

The Town Board agenda lists an appeal from the operators of Forest Yin Spa for licensing as a massage establishment. Forest Yin Spa on Central Ave, between Lawton and Lakeview, close to Sacred Heart Elementary School & Church, has ALLEGEDLY been associated with certain illicit “massage parlor” activities. It appears listed on websites that cater to the “erotic massage” audience, with customer reviews dating to just a few weeks ago. A Forest Yin internet ad/video feature photos of “beautiful, young, and enthusiastic” staff, not massage techniques or the facilities.

Forest Yin was briefly closed in 2013 when a combined Fed/State/County and GPD task force busted a number of similar establishments for operating without a license. It goes without saying that the “erotic massage” industry is notorious for the mistreatment of young immigrant women. Edgemont succeeded in getting the Town to shut down all similar establishments in their area. Hartsdale should demand the same consideration by the Town and GPD.

More recently, a number of neighbors, including adjacent homes with young children, have noted surprising vehicular traffic late on weekend evenings.

What can you do? You can come to the Town Board meeting tomorrow (Monday, November 20) at Town Hall starting at 7:30pm and insist during the public comment session that you refuse to tolerate “erotic massage” activities so close to families, schools and churches. The GPD recommended the Town Board revoke their license following an investigation earlier this year. We, as a community should demand that decision be upheld and any appeal be denied. For many reasons, this is not a slam dunk.  We know that Edgemont was able to get their “massage” parlors closed with a strong physical show of support. The sex trafficking activity in our neighborhood must be closed down.  It’s creepy and scary that this is going on our doorstep.

This is our opportunity.  Please show up at Town Hall no later than 7:30 pm to show your Town Board that this type of establishment is not welcome in our community. If you cannot attend the meeting, please send an email to Paul Feiner and the Town Board letting them know that the appeal should be denied and the establishment permanently shut.


Help Shut Down Illicit Massage Parlors in Our Community