The Town of Greenburgh has scheduled an online Public Discussion at 7:30pm this Wed 9/23 regarding the renewal of the Westchester Power ESCO. The HNA Executive Board will be meeting to discuss this proposal in advance and we will share additional commentary with you prior to Wed. If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts please email info@hartsdaleneighbors.orgThere are two main components of your electricity utility bill. There is the supply of energy and there is the delivery. Under normal circumstances, both of these would be provided by Con ED. An ESCO, or Energy Supply Company is a company that supplies the electricity, and there are a variety of different suppliers out there that you can choose from besides Con Ed. Regardless of the supplier, Con Ed is still the provider of delivery and who you receive your monthly utility bill from. In 2016, the Town enrolled all residents into the Weschester Power ESCO program unless they specifically requested to opt out. Below is the email notice the Town has sent out: are encouraged to attend the meeting, email if you wish to be invited. If you cannot attend but wish to share comments, please email At the same meeting, the Town Board will be continuing the Public Hearing from 9/9 regarding Assisted Living Zoning legislation changes. More info. If you did not get a chance to speak at the 9/9 hearing, you can do so at this meeting.

Con ED ESCO Public Hearing