Hello Hartsdale Neighbors,

Below, please find a letter from Superintendent Dr. Tahira DuPree Chase. To summarize, the administrative building, (the “Mansion,”) which also houses three of the Early Childhood classrooms, has been deemed structurally unsound. For the safety of the students and staff, ECP classrooms will be relocated to Lee F Jackson ahead of the September 9thstart date. Dr. Chase expressed commitment and reassurance to families that students will have a complete experience as designed, stating “students will experience the full complement of the full-day program with their previously assigned teacher. We will re-route student transportation as appropriate, and you will be notified of new transportation pick up and drop off times.”

Staff from the Mansion will be resettled in available space throughout the district. Phone and email contact will not be affected. 

HNA will continue to disseminate information regarding this development. ECP families will hear directly from Principle Dawn Male regarding student locations and transportation. 

Safety of the GCSD students and staff is the highest priority. As damage is assessed and costs are discussed we will inform the community of developments.

ECP Update for GCSD