Edgemont Incorporation Breaking News

The town has won their Appellate Division Appeal in the lawsuit regarding the Edgemont Incorporation Petition.

As a refresher, Supervisor Feiner ruled that the incorporation petition was invalid and the EIC filed an Article 78 lawsuit in NY Supreme Court (NY’s trial level) to challenge that ruling. The EIC won that challenge and the town appealed to the Appellate Division. In a ruling issued today the Appellate Division, Second Department, overturned the Article 78 decision and ruled “Accordingly, the Supreme Court should have denied the petition pursuant to CPLR article 78, dismissed the proceeding, and declared that the petition for incorporation does not comply with the requirements of Village Law”

Read the decision at the link below.


What this means for the future of Edgemont Incorporation is unknown but we wanted to share across for those interested.

Edgemont Incorporation Breaking News- Town Wins Appeal