As many of you know, the Hartsdale Neighbors Association has been working for over a year now towards the effort of revitalizing and fixing the 4 Corners intersection of E. Hartsdale Avenue and Central Avenue.

Those who have been following along know that this was a citizen driven initiative. Since the first public meeting the HNA held in October of 2017, we have been the driving force for improvement.

The 4 Corners solution requires addressing, real complex problems that require coordination with multiple municipal agencies. This won’t be solved with the kind of “quick fix” or government by press release that we are used to seeing in Greenburgh and that is probably why this issue have been historically ignored. It wasn’t until Hartsdale and Greenburgh residents spoke up that it finally is getting some attention.

The 2019 preliminary budget originally included only $50k for 4 Corners traffic, storm water, and planning studies. After HNA representatives made the case to the town this amount was woefully insufficient, that amount was increased to $150k. A huge win for Hartsdale and the HNA. Thank you to all those who joined us in speaking out about the need for additional funding.

We are still in the very early stages, but we are seeing incremental progress. Click this link for a lohud article that sums up the latest.

Four Corners Update 12/19