Four Corners Update-

We wanted to give everyone a separate update on the efforts to revitalize the Four Corners in Hartsdale. The area was actually highlighted in a recent article about retail in Westchester.…/dead-retail-greenburgh-w…/763304002/

The Town and Supervisor Feiner have given indication that they are supportive of the proposal but that hasn’t translated into action. To move forward, the next step is for the Town Board to refer the matter to the Planning Board.

How can you help? Email the town and the Supervisor at and and tell them this is a priority for you and you want to see action!

We encourage you to use your own words but if you would like, feel free to copy the below. Spread the word and encourage others to do the same. Together we can fight for a better Hartsdale.

Dear Town Board,

Continued vacancies and the need for revitalization at 4 Corners are highlighted in an article in Journal New/lohud media today. Since the vision was presented to the Town Board on April 10, no action by the Board has been taken to move this forward. The Hartsdale Neighbors Association urges you to write to the Greenburgh Town Board to hold a work session soon to refer the revitalization to the Planning Board, where it will be thoroughly vetted.

Four Corners Update