The Greenburgh Town Board has the following two items regarding Four Corners on the agenda for Wednesday’s 7:30 pm10/24 Town Board meeting.

Hartsdale Neighbors has been the leading civic association pursuing Four Corners revitalization. At the 9/25 Town Board meeting, the Town Board finally announced that they would begin to take the proposal forward with a quantifiable step. They agreed to refer a proposed vision statement to the Planning board in October. That will occur on Wednesday with item TB2 on the town agenda.

The Draft Study they are referring to has not been made public and nobody from HNA has seen it, so we do not know exactly what it will contain. We will publish it on our website and FB as soon as it is made available. The other item is something that we were not aware of until this weekend and we are still working to quantify and analyze the impact.

TB 1 – 10/24/18
Resolution authorizing the Town Supervisor to execute a Contract of Sale with Mohammad Yaghoubi to purchase two properties located at 10 West Hartsdale Avenue and 14 West Hartsdale Avenue in the Town, for the price of $200,000 dollars each

TB 2 – 10/24/18

Resolution declaring the intention of the Town Board to be Lead Agency for the Hartsdale 4 Corners Study Adoption Process and referring the Draft Study to the Planning Board for review and recommendation

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Greenburgh Town Board Agenda Items for 10/23- 4 Corners Draft Study and Property Purchase