Hartsdale Beautification

The Hartsdale Beautification Committee (HBC) in partnership with the Town of Greenburgh, and local sponsors has launched a new initiative to enhance the appeal of the central business district on East Hartsdale Ave. (EHA).

HBC reports as follows:

“We are introducing a green and sustainable alternative in Hartsdale by setting up “self-watering” containers. In the past, watering the containers that display Spring and Summer plants, has been the greatest challenge. Watering by hand has become unsustainable. Barbara Brennan, President of the HBC, and her team came up with the idea of “self-watering” containers to manage this challenge. This would enable us to provide the green and sustainable alternative in Hartsdale.

We asked local businesses and civic organizations to support this endeavor. With financial contributions from Dunkin Donuts, Mary Jane Pastor Reality, Trustco Bank, Hartsdale Neighbor Association (Eric Zinger, Susan Susan Seal, Thomas Hay), Inspired Places, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, the Greenburgh Uniformed Fire Fighters Association and contributions from local residents such as Susan Stanton, Stacy Fisher, and Elaine Taylor-Gordon, we were able to purchase the planters, as a way to support the community and keep EHA in full bloom. We are so thankful for the local support.”

Hartsdale Beautification Committee