We have more cars per household. We are out on our streets walking dogs and getting in daily steps.  We are walking and biking to the train station, local shops and schools instead of always getting in our cars.  We seem rushed to get where we are going while our attention is diverted by trying to stay connected on our cell phones.  And over the last 10 years, we have seen our a 90% increase in traffic accidents involving pedestrians and cars on our busiest roads. 

On January 28th, HNA hosted a public forum on public safety with Greenburgh’s new Police Chief Brian Ryan.  Public Safety Committee Chair Patrice Ingrassia and Chief Ryan spoke and answered questions on recent traffic accidents in Hartsdale.  Residents shared concerns and potential solutions for safer walking and crossings in Hartsdale.  Better lighting at crosswalks, increased signage for speed limits and at crosswalks, the use of reflective paint on our roads and timed pedestrian crossings at traffic lights were suggested.  HNA is working with the Greenburgh police to analyze the accident data so we can determine what safety investments will best make our streets safer.  

Police Chief Ryan also shared plans for a new educational initiative #WalkSafeGreenburgh.

Thank you to Police Chief Ryan, the Greenburgh Police, Greenburgh town officials and residents for participating in this important event.  

Safety questions and/or comments can be direct to publicsafety@hartsdaleneighbors.org.  Presentations for the event can be found below.

HNA Forum on Public Safety