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Hello Hartsdale Community,

By now, you should have received your 2021 Preliminary assessments and it’s a topic that is drawing a lot of attention and we have received many questions about the impact of this assessment on property taxes. We have a town wide average 7% increase, but many of our neighbors have received increases that are much higher, as high as a 40% increase. This could have large tax implications for individual property owners in Hartsdale.  People are concerned because for most of us, our home is our largest asset and our tax bill is our biggest expense.  


We have found that there is a lot of confusion and even some misinformation on the impact of assessment changes to property taxes. In order to minimize the confusion and inform the community, HNA will be to  hosting a live forum with Town Assessor Edye Mcarthy on April 28th at 7:00pm. The event will be hosted on Zoom and will be shared on Facebook live. 

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Send any questions you may have and topics of interest to us via email at by April 25th, with the subject line “2021 Property Assessment Questions.”


1.  Assessment changes have NO IMPACT ON THE TOTAL TAX REVENUES RAISED. All changes in assessments do is shift the proportionate share of the total tax pie. The assessor could triple the assessment of every single property in the Town and the Town would not collect even $1.00 more in additional taxes. This does not raise or lower your taxes.

2. You have until JUNE 15TH to formally challenge the assessed value of your property.  You can hire someone to assist you with this, but it’s not required.  Before that step, you can also have an informal review with Tyler Technologies. Contact them at 914-231-8250 or at to set up an appointment.  More Information here

3.  The value of your property on the 2021 rolls is for the value of the property in July of 2020.

4.  April 1, 2022, the first tax bill that will be impacted by your new assessment.

5.  The valuation of your property is based on a number of factors such as lot size, square footage, #of bathrooms/bedrooms, and property condition. Recent sales of like properties in your area will also heavily contribute towards the valuation.   A list of recent sales used in these calculations was published here

6.  Condos and co-ops are valued differently due to NY state law and as a result end up with valuations about 60% of their market value.  So if you see an assessment for a condo and it appears much lower than the potential listing price, that is why.

7.  Since the 2016 Reassessment, the Town is required to maintain it’s 100% equalization rate, where they maintain the assessed value of properties at 100% of their market value. That is the reason this recurring reassessment is occurring, and all properties are receiving an updated review.

8.  The impact of the assessment change on your tax bill is unknown at this time especially with a large number of the assessments subject to change through either informal review with Tyler or a formal grievance.  Those with large % assessment increases will likely receive a tax increase, while those with little or no increase could receive a tax decrease. Remember the net tax revenues are unchanged.  It’s also important to note that the impact will depend on the impact of other properties around you and may not be the same for all taxing authorities. For example, it is possible your Hartsdale Fire District taxes could be unchanged but your town taxes increase. This is because the pool of properties paying into those taxing districts is different.

9.  There are a lot of resources online available for more information.  The landing page from the Town for the Reassessment.   An eight minute summary from the Town Assessor on Youtube.  A heat map showing average increases by Village/Unincorporated.  List of recent sales used to help determine the valuations.

10.  If you have any questions at all, email us at


HNA Virtual Public Forum – April 28th
Town Board Meeting – April 28th
School Board Elections – May 18th
Primary Election – June 22nd

Virtual Forum On Property Assessments on April 28, 2021