Hello Hartsdale Neighbors,

School opens on September 3rd!  Here are some useful links for district families as well as opportunities for community members to get involved this school year:

The School Calendar (which includes extensive district information) can be downloaded here.

Families of young children, please note ECP and Kindergarten are on modified start schedules. Check the calendar or your welcome packet.

The final page of the calendar includes a QR code to download the GCSD app, which can also be found here.


PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. HNA invites all community membersto support our schools and let your voice be heard by joining a PTA. Your nominal membership fee will be spent directly on Greenburgh’s students and will give you access to PTA events, news, and district updates. While not required, the PTA does offer opportunities to volunteer time within the schools and at special events.   
Lee F Jackson PTA Membership
Highview Elementary School PTA Membership
Richard J Bailey PTA Membership

The Falcons Nest Booster Club is an organization of parents and community members who are interested in generating support for our student-athletes at games, tournaments and other athletic events. The club has initiated several activities including the sale of spiritwear (e.g. sweatshirts and T-shirts) and volunteering at events. The Club is dedicated to bringing the best sports programs back to Woodlands High School by getting everyone involved. If you are interested in joining the Club or participating in their activities, contact the Athletic Director,at 914-761-6052, ext. 3017.

The Woodlands High School Scholarship Fund extends an invitation to all community members for membership. By doing so, you’ll become part of an all-volunteer Board of Trustees that administers the Fund. The Scholarship Fund is a community organization that has existed for over 50 years. More than $1,180,000 has been awarded to qualified Woodlands High School graduating seniors. Qualifications are determined by certified financial need and acceptance to an institution of higher learning. If you are interested in becoming a member or in participating with their fundraising efforts (Citrus Sales, Flea Markets, etc.), please send a note to Woodlands High School Scholarship Fund, Inc., P.O. Box 139, Hartsdale, NY 10530.

“It is the policy of the Board of Education to announce, in advance, through the newspaper and our website, the date, time and place of all Board meetings. Board of Education meetings is open to the public. Please consult this calendar and our website for specific meeting dates.  Individual citizens or groups who wish to discuss a specific topic at a public meeting have the opportunity to do so during the ‘Statements from the Public’ portion of the agenda. While the Board of Education encourages the participation of students in interpreting the educational program of the schools to the community, it is the Board’s policy that: students shall not be exploited for the benefit of any individual or group and shall participate only in appropriate situations.  The use of students shall always be evaluated in terms of the effect on the child, and students shall not solicit or promote school District issues without the approval of the Superintendent of Schools.”  – GCSD Website

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Tax Update from Eric Zinger
An important piece of news on funding for the School District.  As of August 1st, the 1% increase in the Westchester County Sales tax is now in place. Who gets that money? Well the majority of it goes to the County but funds do trickle down into Town, School and Village Coffers. 

So, how much additional funding can GCSD expect?  For the remainder of 2019 approximately $268k, and for the full 2020 year approximately $640k.  This is money that was not previously included in any budgets.

This is money that will be in the budget every year and over the next 30 years represents approximately $20mm in additional funding. We hope that the money can help address the longstanding infrastructure needs of the district. 

Please drive safely *don’t pass a stopped school bus*

Stacy Fisher, Samantha Ives, Elena Giovinazzo, Sarah Lazzari
Schools Committee, Hartsdale Neighbors Association

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It’s Back to School in Greenburgh!