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The Hartsdale Neighbors Association (HNA) is a group of passionate volunteers who are driven to improve our community.  We endeavor to foster neighborhood engagement and community-based problem solving, enhance civic awareness and provide a vehicle for community-based efforts.S

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Safety is All Our Concern

Safer Streets Requires Change –Over the last 9 years, we have seen a 90% increase in traffic accidents involving pedestrians on our busiest roads. It would be easy to fix if we could point to one factor that is responsible, but a combination of driver and pedestrian behaviors, conditions and changes in our environment have all led to this increase.

We have larger, more powerful and more cars per household. We are on our streets walking dogs and getting in daily steps.  We are walking and biking to the train station, local shops and schools instead of always getting in our cars.  We are rushed to get where we are going, angry when factors out of our control detain us and our attention is diverted by trying to stay connected on our cell phones.

What all drivers, pedestrians and bikers can all do to stay safer.  Be Attentive.  Focus on the road. Put cell phones away. Turn down the music. Check your line of site in all directions. Be sure traffic is stopped before crossing at a crosswalk Be Visible. Walk where cars can see you.  Wear reflective gear at night. Be Informed.  Know the laws, when to stop, when and where to cross and where to bike. Obey Our Laws.  Don’t speed. Don’t drink and drive. Stop at stop signs.  Don’t cross outside a crosswalk. Don’t cross diagonally unless there is a diagonal cross walk. Expect the Unexpected.  Don’t anticipate everyone knows or will follow the law, or that they are paying attention.

HNA Public Safety Forum – On January 28th, HNA hosted a public forum on public safety with Greenburgh’s new Police Chief Brian Ryan.  HNA Public Safety Committee Chair Patrice Ingrassia and Chief Ryan spoke and answered questions on recent traffic accidents in Hartsdale.  Residents shared concerns and potential solutions for safer walking and crossings in Hartsdale.  Additional information including the Hartsdale Safety Log and documents from the event can be found at

Putting the Green in Greenburgh

Food Scrap Recycling Coming Your Way –The Town of Greenburgh is one of the first communities in Westchester to promote and support food scrap recycling.  We now have two drop off locations for food scrap recycling waste in the parking lot at the Town Hall and at AF Veteran Park off of Heatherdell Road.  We can expect curbside pick-up by early next year with the delivery of a food scrap recycling truck purchased with a grant from NYS.  For more information on the importance of recycling our food scraps, how to recycle food scraps or to purchase recycling kits contact The Greenburgh Nature Center

Plastic Bag Law Goes into Effect March 1st – The NYS law banning single use plastic bags in larger commercial establishes goes into effect on March 1stWhat does this mean for me?  When you go shopping you will no longer be given your products in a plastic bag.  You should expect larger retailers such as Stew Leonard’s, Target and others who haven’t switched to paper to do so this month, but be prepared when you shop because they aren’t required to provide any bags.  We recommend that you bring your own bags with you when you go shopping, to avoid any fees that could be charged and to reduce the environmental impact of single use bags.  Exceptions and other information can be found on the NYSGOV website

Spring Yard Clean Up, Planting and Clearing –As “spring cleaning” approaches, please be aware of the following town ordinances.

The New Tree Ordinance, effective this spring, requires you get a permit to remove tress over a certain size.  Permit applications and additional information can be found on The Town of Greenburgh web site.

There are also local Noise Ordinances with regard to the time of day lawn mowers and leaf blowers can be used: only from 8:00am to 8:00pm weekdays, 9:00am. to 6:00pm on Saturdays and holidays, and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays. Equipment with decibel levels higher than 75 are also restricted.  You can check the product specifications on your equipment to see if it complies.

Let’s be neighborly and adhere to our local ordinances, whether you are doing the work or hiring professionals.

50th Anniversary of Earth Day –Join us on April 25th where HNA members will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day by getting our hands dirty at the Greenburgh Nature Center planting gardens, weeding, clearing the trails, and more  Event registration and additional activities for Earth Week can be found at  Greenburgh Nature Center. HNA will be providing celebration t-shirts to the first 10 people who let us know they will be joining us at  . 

Just the facts

HNA is asking everyone to be cautious and responsible when posting information on social platforms with regard to town and public safety news.  There have been a few incidents where misinformation that could have led to great public harm was posted but then later corrected.   If you aren’t sure of the accuracy of your information, feel free to reach out to HNA at; we would be happy to help get the facts.

Important Upcoming Events

Town Board Meeting – Feb 26th Town Board Meeting – March 11th
Board of Ed Fiscal Planning Meeting – Feb 27th Presidential Primary – April 28th
Board of Education Meeting – March 17th State and Federal Primary – June 23rd

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