Hello Hartsdale Community,We hope this email finds you well. We are sending out this special issue because there is an important Public Hearing on legislation at the Town Board Meeting that would impact our Hartsdale community if passed. 

On February 8th at 7:30pm, there is a scheduled public hearing by The Town Board “to consider a local law creating a new Article XVII to Chapter 440 ‘Taxation’ in the Code of the Town of Greenburgh entitled ‘Tax Assessment of Condominiums and Cooperatives.” This would permanently change the assessment methodology of any new condominium and co-ops built in the Town of Greenburgh, assessing them in the same manner as single-family homes and would result in property taxes for these developments 30-40% HIGHER than under the current system. No change would occur to existing dwellings. This was kicked off by a state law that allowed the Town to do this. The governor vetoed a similar state law to enact this state-wide.  

The HNA executive committee opposes this legislation believing it will severely limit development in our town including on the Central & Hartsdale Avenue corridor and sent the following letter to the Town Board last week in response to this proposal:

“Dear Town Board,
The executive committee of the Hartsdale Neighbors Association believes that the proposed change in taxation structure for new condominium buildings (existing buildings are not impacted in any way) is a net negative and urges the Town Board to reconsider moving ahead with this proposed legislation on its own.  If a NYS bill were passed that would change this rule to apply statewide, our objection would be dropped, but this proposal which is for Greenburgh only, and none of the surrounding communities, puts us at a competitive disadvantage for attracting the kind of development we so desperately need. 
To help address the lack of moderately priced housing, we need to attract multifamily housing developments and developers to Greenburgh.  This bill would do the exact opposite.  Additionally, this bill makes Greenburgh unattractive to developers building high assessable developments and those builders will continue to construct elsewhere.  We in Hartsdale know that attracting new developments here is key to our ability to buffer the ever-increasing tax burden faced by homeowners.
We urge the Town Board to reconsider.  Thank you for your time and consideration.” 
If you have questions or comments on either of these hearings, you are encouraged to attend the hearings.  You can participate in person or via Zoom. In order to participate via Zoom, you must send an email to PublicComment@GreenburghNY.com no later than 6:00 PM on the day of the meeting. A Zoom link will then be emailed shortly before the meeting.  Remote speakers will be called upon after in-person speakers in the order of electronically raised hands.  

To view full agenda and more information
HNA MEMBER INFORMATIONThe Hartsdale Neighbors Association (HNA) is a group of passionate volunteers who are driven to improve our community.  We foster neighborhood engagement and community-based problem solving, enhance civic awareness and provide a vehicle for community-based efforts.  If you’d like to be more involved with HNA and join the Executive Board, one of our committees or other efforts, please contact us at info@hartsdaleneighbors.org.
Town Board Meeting – February 8th
Town Board Meeting – February 22nd
Public Hearing on Condo Taxation