Tomorrow night’s town board meeting holds special significance for residents of Hartsdale. Among the agenda items under consideration are:

  • To consider the revocation of a license issued to Forest Yin Spa
  • To consider the 2018 Preliminary Budget

Forest Yin Spa

A couple of weeks back you may recall we sent a request asking residents to attend a special hearing of the town board to hear an appeal against the revocation of the license by the proprietors of Forest Yin Spa. As concerned residents, we wanted our friends and neighbors to understand exactly what this establishment was all about. Thanks to those who turned out to comment and the concerted campaign in the form of letters, calls, and emails to our town supervisor, the board decided there were grounds for an additional hearing.

Tonight the Chief of Police and members of the Hartsdale Neighbors Association plan to speak on this topic and present information and artifacts that show exactly how the Forest Yin Spa is in direct violation of Chapter 375 of the Town Code. We encourage you to come out and support your neighbors efforts to remove this blight from our community.

2018 Budget

The Hartsdale Neighbors Association has put together this report on the Greenburgh 2018 budget. The commentary in the report is a high-level summary of the town’s financial plan for next year and is meant as a primer to inform local residents on how their taxes will change in 2018 and how the town plans to spend the money. The Hartsdale Neighbors Association will continue to analyze the town budget and issue additional statements in the future highlighting the positive components in addition to areas of concern.

Meeting Location & Time

177 Hillside Ave,
Greenburgh, NY 10607


Town Meeting: Forest Yin Spa & 2018 Budget