Hartsdale & Geography

Hartsdale is a community inside the Town of Greenburgh that lacks clear boundaries or a distinct political identity. The place, Hartsdale, typically refers to a patchwork of neighborhoods centered along East and West Hartsdale Avenue, stretching from the Hartsdale Train Station to Dobbs Ferry Road, and south to north from the Edgemont School District line to White Plains.

Figure 1. Hartsdale CDP.

Figure 2. 10530 Zip Code.

Historically, Hartsdale was identified with a school district (Greenburgh No. 7) that merged in 1967 into the larger Fairview school district (Greenburgh No. 8) to form the Greenburgh Central School District.

Hartsdale is most associated today with the Metro North train station and the 10530 zip code that bear its name.

In its narrowest definition, Hartsdale is the name assigned by the US Census Bureau to a census designated place (CDP). Depending on the definition chosen, Hartsdale is as large as 12,600 residents (Hartsdale Fire District and the 10530 zip code) or as small as 6,000 (Hartsdale CDP). The main Hartsdale residential neighborhoods are Manor Woods, College Corners, Windsor Park, Ridge Road, Hartsdale Park, and parts of Poet’s Corner. Hartsdale also contains numerous apartments (mostly co-ops and condos) along East Hartsdale Ave. and several large complexes parallel to N. Central Ave.

Hartsdale, Politics, and the Town of Greenburgh

Hartsdale lies entirely in the Town of Greenburgh. Greenburgh contains 88,400 residents (2010 Census) and is governed by a Town Board (or council) consisting of 1 full-time Supervisor (serving 2 year terms) and 4 part-time council-members (serving 4 year terms, staggered).  The supervisor and council members each have equal votes and are elected at-large.  The Town Clerk is also elected town-wide.

Greenburgh Town Council

  • Supervisor: Paul Feiner
    • Lives: Ardsley School District
    • Took Office: 1992
    • Next Election: 2017
  • Council Member: Diana Juettner
    • Lives: Ardsley School District
    • Took Office: 1992
    • Next Election: 2017
  • Council Member: Francis Sheehan
    • Lives: Greenburgh Central School District
    • Took Office: 2006
    • Next Election: 2017
  • Council Member: Ellen Hendrickx
    • Lives: Unincorporated Hastings/ Hastings School District
    • Took Office: 2019(appointed 5/2019 to serve remaining 7 months of Kevin Morgan’s term)
    • Next Election: 2019
    • Gina Jackson was elected on 6/25 to fill this seat and will begin serving a 4 year term on 1/1/2020
  • Council Member: Ken Jones
    • Lives: Greenburgh Central School District
    • Took Office: 2012
    • Next Election: 2019- Was re-elected to a 3rd 4 year term to span 2020-2024

The Town of Greenburgh

I.  Incorporated Villages

The Town of Greenburgh includes six incorporated villages with a combined population of 45,537, or 51.5% of the total.

  • Irvington Village: 6,420
  • Ardsley Village: 4,452
  • Dobbs Ferry: 10,874
  • Hastings Village: 7,849
  • Tarrytown Village: 11,277
  • Elmsford Village: 4,664

In addition to the Greenburgh Town Board, Villagers vote for their own mayors and trustees.  Typical village residents pay about 2% of their annual property tax bill to the Town of Greenburgh, with the bulk going to their school district and villages as well as Westchester County. Village officials are powerful advocates for their constituents in village-town issues. 

II. Town Outside of Villages (“TOV”)

The remaining 42,863 (48.5%) of Greenburgh residents live in the unincorporated area, commonly referred to as the Town Outside Villages (TOV). TOV residents vote only for the Town Board. Typical TOV single family homeowners pay about 16%-22% of their annual property tax bill to the Town with the remainder going to school districts, fire departments and Westchester County. The main TOV areas are Hartsdale, Fairview, Edgemont, East Irvington, North Elmsford, and the Donald Park/Jackson Ave neighborhoods on the south end of the town. Within these areas are a number of distinct neighborhoods.

Within TOV, residents typically identify their location by their school district. Property values and taxes for similar houses will vary widely depending on the school district. The TOV population is divided generally as follows:

  • Greenburgh Central SD: 22,000
  • Edgemont SD: 7,450
  • TOV in Ardsley SD: c. 5,000
  • TOV in Elmsford SD: c. 3,000
  • TOV in Valhalla SD & Pocantico Hills SD: 5,400

Greenburgh Central and Edgemont are entirely within TOV.  More Ardsley School District residents (53%) live in TOV than live in Ardsley Village. Nearly 40% of the Elmsford School District lives in TOV outside Elmsford Village.

Hartsdale & Schools

As mentioned at the beginning of this discussion, Hartsdale is generally understood as the 10530 zip code which is mostly, but not exclusively, contained within the Greenburgh Central School District.  10530 also includes streets within the Edgemont and Ardsley School District. Depending on the definition used, Hartsdale contains from 30% to nearly 60% of the Greenburgh Central School District’s population.

Hartsdale & Taxes

Annual property taxes total in Hartsdale (Greenburgh Central School District) total about 3.2% of a home’s assessment value. Most home owners, however, receive a STAR deduction which lowers the school tax portion of the bill resulting in a blended rate of approximately 2.9%.  Condo/co-op owners benefit from the Homestead exemption.

The typical single-family home owner property tax bill with Star Deduction is broken down as follows:

  • Greenburgh Central School District: 46% of property tax bill
  • Town of Greenburgh: 21%
  • Hartsdale Fire Dept.: 18%
  • Westchester County: 11%
  • Various Others (e.g., sewer, refuse): 3%